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We specialize in Production Of Organic Foods.

we're dedicated to bringing you the finest organic food products. Our passion for health, sustainability, and the environment drives us to produce top-quality, nutritious foods that not only taste great but also contribute to your well-being. From farm to table, our commitment to organic practices ensures that every product we offer is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Dive into our world of organic excellence and taste the difference that genuine care and quality can make.

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Our Mission

To nurture both people and the planet by providing wholesome, flavorful, and sustainably sourced food products. Learn more about our mission and values.


Our Vission

We aspire to be the leading provider of premium organic African foods and spices, bridging cultural gaps and making the rich culinary heritage of Africa accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Our values

Integrity: Conducting our business with honesty and upholding the highest standards of ethical practices.

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Why Andor Global Foods

We Make Our customers happy by producing the Best organic Products.

At Andor Global Food Limited, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. We make our customers happy by meticulously selecting and producing the best organic African foods and spices. Our commitment to quality ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations, delivering an unparalleled taste experience that is both wholesome and flavorful. Our dedication to organic and sustainable practices means that with every purchase, our customers are supporting a healthier planet and empowering local communities. We believe that the best food comes from a place of love and respect for the earth and its inhabitants, and we strive to reflect this belief in every product we offer.

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Francis Andohol

Director of Business Development.

Lucy Andohol

Director of Operations

Winifred Andohol



Crafted for Startups

Andor Global Foods offers top-notch organic products, perfect for startups aiming for sustainability and health Our solutions are designed to empower you with nature's best.


High-quality Products

Discover the essence of purity with Andor Global Foods' high-quality organic products. Crafted with care, our offerings embody sustainability and health, setting new standards for organic excellence.


Comprehensive Organic Offerings

Andor Global Foods: where quality, sustainability, and nutrition meet. Our diverse range of organic products ensures your every need is met with the highest standards of excellence.


Efficiency at Its Best

With Andor Global Foods, experience lightning-fast service matched with our commitment to organic quality. Our processes are optimized for speed, ensuring you get the best products efficiently.


Effortlessly Integrating Excellence

Andor Global Foods focuses on providing top-tier organic products that naturally complement a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle, without the need for bespoke adjustments.


Eco-Conscious Quality

Andor Global Foods is dedicated to offering superior organic foods that effortlessly fit into your healthy lifestyle, emphasizing our commitment to environmental stewardship and nutritional value.


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Spice Packeging


Feeding The Fishes


Production Team


The spices are divine! So far I've been taking them as tea. I plan to cook and use them as ingredients. It's fabulous. I feel my airways clearer when I take it. Thank you "đŸ”

-Beeh Ortese

Tried your garlic. I have never come across a more flavourful garlic powder in my life!! It's amazing. I can only imagine its potency with consistent consumption".

-Aisha Duzeh

The combo of ginger, garlic and garlic are doing their wonders.
No more knee pains and no more stiffness in my limbs. Combined with walking 10,000 steps daily and cutting off junk, when I checked last, I lost 14 kg so far."💃💃

-Divine Angou


Honestly I don’t like ginger but this your Andor Ginger Powder should be recognized in this world and beyond. Omo the taste is good, real, original and giving".

-Ada Okwose

With the trending topic about fake products in Nigeria, the spices I bought from Andor Global Foods are the only products I have and believe are not fake.

-Gbenga Bamimore

Ever since I started drinking this combo of ginger, tumeric and garlic I haven't had malaria... And I almost always have it every other Month

-Eli Tordue


I was never a fan of powdered ingredients. I preferred fresh-from-market kinda stuff especially garlic and Ginger. I felt that the powdered ones are mostly chemicals, preserved to be used for a long period of time until I decided to try these three from Andor Global Foods and OMG!! They are the best so far especially the garlic. And a new discovery that you can actually use this tumeric powder in place of curry. Its healthy

-Jackline Mande


I usually foreign turmeric, ginger and garlic powder and honestly it’s nothing close to yours.
This is free from flattery because I always say the truth.
Yours still has the natural colors and it’s so pure.
Only few people in Nigeria do business with integrity.
God bless and keep Andor Global Foods

-Florence Igwemadu
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7, Mhii Uza Street, Gboko, Benue

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Grow with Andor Global Foods and discover the power of organic excellence.

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